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 The Bulletin of Fisheries Science

Editorial boardArchive | Russian

Dear colleagues!

    The editorial office of The Bulletin of Fisheries Science Journal offers research workers, post-graduate students, Ph. D. candidates, external Ph. D. students, young specialists, and teachers to publish the results of their researches in our periodical. The Bulletin of Fisheries Science Journal accepts topical and original articles to be published in the areas of inland water fishery researches. The journal accepts articles in Russian and/or English.

     Articles on te following topics are accepted for publication:

  • taxonomy, biology, physiology, genetics, anatomy, faunistics and zoogeography of aquatic organisms;
  • diseases of aquatic organisms;
  • state of stocks;
  • ecology of populations and communities;
  • artificial reproduction and commodity farming of fish;
  • technological issues of aquaculture;
  • aquaculture marketing problems;
  • feed production;
  • ecology of fishery basins;
  • aquatic toxicology;
  • human impact on aquatic organisms and ecosystem;
  • protection of aquatic ecosystems and organisms;
  • fisheries research methodologies;
  • technologies of food commodities production.

The journal has the following sections: "Biological resources", "Ecology", "Parasitology", "Fisheries and aquaculture".

Before publication all articles sent by authors are reviewed by experts in the field of fisheries researches. This mechanism allows publishing only the scientific texts which do not contain methodological mistakes and misinformation. The work of the editorial board and office is aimed at providing the maximum assistance to specialists of the fishery industry in timely acquisition of the industry-related information by them.   
The journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) and places full texts of the articles in protected access with automatic transition into open access within one year at the NEL website   (www.elibrary.ru). The journal comes out 4 times a year.  

The journal is included into the List of peer-reviewed scientific publications, in which the main scientific results of dissertations must be published in order to become eligible for the award of academic degree of Candidate of Sciences, as well as in order to become eligible for the award of academic degree of Doctor of Sciences of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Education and Science dated 06.06.2017 in two groups of academic research: 03.02.00 - General Biology and 06.04.00 - Fisheries.
 We invite you to publish your articles in our journal! You will find more detailed description of the publication conditions in the files (PDF): 

Rules for authors (pdf)

Ethical principles of scientific publication (pdf)

Procedure of preparation of the journal issue   (pdf)

Procedure of reviewing the articles (pdf)


Editor-in-chief – Aleksandr Litvinenko (DSc., Biology, Professor of Water Bioresources and Aquaculture  Department of  Agrarian University of  Northern Trance-Urals)
Phone: (3452) 415-814   ntd@gosrc.ru

Executive editor – Elena Sokolovskaya (Cand. Sc., Biology, academic secretary of Gosrybcentr FSBSI) 

Address of the editorial office and publishing house: Gosrybcentr FSBSI, 33 Odesskaya St., Tyumen, Tyumen region, Russian Federation 625023. Phones: (3452) 415-814, (3452) 415-805, fax: (3452) 415-804

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